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Welcome to my Personal Portfolio, my name is Nicky Thomas and I am a Computing and Information Systems graduate working at one of Swansea's largest and newest digital creative marketing companies, Copper Bay Creative. Highly motivated by technology and I have Web Design and Development roots leading back to 2002.

I am City & Guilds qualified for IT Systems Support and I am an all-rounder in terms of hardware and software. I have advanced technical knowledge of Computer Systems and a wide range of related subjects such as but not limited to Computer and Network Architecture, Data Analysis and Database Design, Systems Analysis and Design, Web Authoring, Web Design & Development, Application Design and Development, Database Management Systems, Data-Centric Windows Programming, Network Services and Web Technology, Project Management and IT Consultancy
Research and Development Methods, Business Intelligence and Data Mining, Geographical Information Systems, Information Systems Strategy, Usability Engineering

I have experience with the following platforms OS X, Windows, Windows Server, Linux (Ubuntu), cPanel & WHM, Plesk, iOS, Android, Apache.

I am capable of managing Internal and External Dedicated/Virtual Private Web Servers and can set-up IT infrastructures and manage Local Area Networks (I also have experience of setting up and managing  Wide Area Networks).

I am technically forward and constantly learning new technologies and adapting to a rapidly changing career which is one of the things which makes working with technology more enjoyable, it evolves so fast, new standards are put in place, our understanding evolves with it, each year is different meaning that by adapting to new technological advancements, methods we use this year will not be the methods we use next year.

I have core principles when it comes to designing and developing a website, I stick with the latest languages and methods and avoid the decreasingly popular methods as each site which I develop, I take pride in as it were my own and I would want it to be future-proof and easily maintainable from a technical aspect.

When you have a job and it's something you enjoy doing - each day becomes a delight as in my personal hours I keep on top of the latest news, latest technology and further my knowledge through practical implementations and a general read through reputable books and journals to ensure that my ideas are kept fresh to develop something spectacular.

I am always happy to discuss anything from web development to football, please get in touch today - I am on a variety of Social Networks or alternatively I can be contacted direct from this sites contact form.

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Well I have been meaning to learn MVC Frameworks for a while now and after little influence from a collegue I have decided to take a leap and start building on Laravel, although I am currently learning the new framework I can't believe how frigging awesome it is! I think I have fallen in love with web development again (Is it weird admitting that?)

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