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Welcome to my Personal Portfolio, my name is Nicky Thomas and I am a Web Developer working forCopper Bay Creative, I recently graduated from studying Computing and Information Systems degree at Swansea Metropolitan. I have had a high interest in Web Design and Development for many years, my roots take me back to 2002 although I have only begun learning various web technologies such as PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Jquery & JavaScript in the last 12 months. In April 2013 I made the decision to follow the career path of a Web Developer and in June 2013 I was offered a contract at Beach Software Ltd and my passion and commitment to Web Design and Development has been growing from there-on.

I have core principles when it comes to designing and developing a website, I stick with the latest languages and methods and avoid the decreasingly popular methods as each site which I develop, I take pride in as it were my own and I would want it to be future-proof and easily maintainable from a technical aspect.

When you have a job and it's something you enjoy doing - each day becomes a delight as in my personal hours I keep on top of the latest news, latest technology and further my knowledge through practical implementations and a general read through reputable books and journals to ensure that my ideas are kept fresh to develop something spectacular.

I am always happy to discuss anything from web development to football, please get in touch today - I am on a variety of Social Networks or alternatively I can be contacted direct from this sites contact form.


Latest News

Fresh Design

I have finally moved the website over to the latest version of the CMS and done a visual revamp, the site is no longer using a Gumby Framework I have opted for Bootstrap for 2015. Will continue the usual developments and will be looking in to MVC as a 2015 project.

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