DJI Mini 2 SE

I have been wanting to get a decent drone for a while, I have always been in awe of some amazing photography caught by these drones and the fact you can see the world like you never see it, even in my home town there is so much to explore.

I spent a few days researching drones from £200 – £400 and after looking into reviews online and actual specs, I noticed there is a new version of the DJI Mini drone due for release on 26 March 2023 – the DJI Mini 2 SE which is the SE version of their popular Mini 2 drone (Minus the 4k video) which was a compromise I was willing to make as I will be mostly doing photographs.

I have only had about 2 decent days I have been able to take photos and have taken some amazing shots, the simplicity of the drone is amazing, it’s really well built, and even for the beginner drone pilot, it’s very easy.

Here are a couple of my favourite snaps! You can find more on my Instagram

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